Noakes for Attorney General


When I announced my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Michigan Attorney General, I did so from the site of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's Resurrection City and the tents in which the homeless find shelter. I chose this as the site to launch my campaign because my campaign is one that will address the legal cares and concerns of all of Michiganders, including the least among us.As Attorney General I will be your attorney.

Our current Attorney General, in a case before the Michigan Supreme Court,  has said our children have no right to literacy. The State's only obligation is to fund schools. Whether students learn to read is not the state's concern. Well, what's the point of funding schools? As Attorney General, I will fight for our state's children. They do have a right to literacy and I will work to secure it for them.

In a democracy, the most precious right is the right to vote. Yet, that right is not one which all Michiganders enjoy equally. Recent legislation passed by the Republican dominated state legislature will allow unlimited Super PAC funds, allowing candidates to evade the limits on the amounts they could raise from individuals. This direct attack on our democracy is nothing more than an effort to turn it into a plutocracy, where the franchise is based on how much money one has. That is not what American or Michigan is about. As Attorney General, I will fight the dark money that corrupts our political system.

Although I am a proponent of the Second Amendment and a former military officer, I will fight for reasonable limits on guns. Concealed weapons should not be allowed in our schools.

Our citizens should not be denied fresh water or clean air. I will fight for the rights of those citizens in zip code 48217 - the most polluted zip code in America, as well as, citizens in Rockford whose land has been polluted by an old shoe tannery. Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes, the largest body of fresh water in the world. Yet, it is threatened by the deteriorating Enbridge 5 pipeline running under the Mackinac straits. As Attorney General, I will fight to shut down this danger.

Crime must be punished. Yet, the criminal justice system which is the means to punish and deter crime must be fair and just. It has injustices that must be corrected, These include the punitive cash bail system, the underfunding of public defenders, the privatization of our corrections system, the failure to compensate those who have been wrongfully accused and convicted, and the lack of resources devoted to returning citizens.  

As your Attorney General, I look to be the attorney for all of the people -- your Attorney. I ask you to join with me as we work to make the law work for us all -- one people, one Michigan.





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