Campaign Issues

As Attorney General I will be the people's attorney. In that role, I will fight for our state's children and their right to literacy.

One Person, One Vote: At the Federal level, the Citizens United case has made a mockery of the principIe: one person, one vote. Now, in Michigan, legislation enshrines the principle of that case. As a result, monies from unknown sources influence the outcome of our elections. In our democratic government, we cannot allow the monies of a few to outweigh the votes of the many. You can count on me to fight the dark money that corrupts our political system.

Voting must be an honest process which Michiganders can trust. If districts are gerrymandered to favor one or the other political party, then the voting outcome will not be trusted. If voters are discouraged from voting for any reason, the vote may be suppressed. That will decrease the trust in the voting process. Finally, if votes are not accurately counted, that cannot help but make the process less trustworthy. As Attorney General, I will do all in my power to keep the heart of our democracy -- the vote -- fair and honest.

Reasonable Gun Legislation:  Although I am a proponent of the Second Amendment and a former military officer, I will fight for reasonable limits on guns. Concealed weapons should not be allowed in our schools or in or churches.

Environmental Justice: Our citizens should not be denied fresh water or clean air. I will fight for the rights of those citizens in zip code 48217 - the most polluted zip code in America, as well as, all Michiganders whose clean water is threatened.

Criminal Justice Reform: I will fight to reform our criminal justice system, starting with the punitive cash bail system. I will fight to see that those who are incarcerated are treated fairly and humanely and are not denied their rights ass human beings while in custody. I will work to see that returning citizens do not continue to be punished once they serve their times, for example, by eliminating the box on employment applications that brnd them as felons.

Civil Rights:  All people deserve the rights enshrined in the U.S. and Michigan Constitutions. No matter what race, creed, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, our citizens deserve an Attorney General who will look out for them. I will see that Michigan's Ethnic Intimidation law is enforced against those who would commit crimes of hate in this State.

Federal Issues: The Federal government has certain duties toward our State. In recent weeks, the President eliminated the subsidies that were such an integral part of the Affordable Care Act. This will have a negative impact on Michigan, for those subsidies have allowed additional people to be covered under Medicare and Medicaid. Without the subsidies,  our citizens will suffer. As Attorney General, I will see to it that the Federal government does what it must to support our State.







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